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EP Review: Heading Out Now

Soft guitar compliments his lightly reverb-coated voice. James Dylan Thomson's 'Heading Out Now' encompasses the tenderness of the blues with the social commentary of folk. He observes the world in all its trials and colours and weaves melodies from them. 
'If I could draw' and 'Littleport Martyrs' discuss the injustices of our world without indulging in despair; hope is retained. He comments: 'if I could draw I know what I would make, draw a house for all these refugees/use it for change not my personal selling out.' Many of the wealthy and famous spend their money on cars and perfume, but Thomson asserts divergence from this cycle of selfishness. In Littleport Martyrs he sings: 'now the reason for this song, is I see a problem and I see it strong/the tired and hungry still need a voice, two hundred years on'. 
'Soho Sunrise' appears before Littleport Martyrs on this EP and pleasantly transitions into the latter. Beautiful plucking…

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