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Song Review: Eyes on You

Electronic pop meets big band in this seductive power ballad.  Elena Ramona's latest single reeks of passion and sensual desire. ' you've got me doing things I wouldn't do/I lose myself with you.'  Mm, very sexy. Tender piano is played in the verses over a 6/8 drum pattern. It builds up to a climatic chorus, sounding up to the heavens as her longing for this person swoops upwards. The listener is teased with soft electric guitar breaks in between the crowning glory of the chorus. Comparisons of her lover to a drug resonate with the falling and rising of the song's instrumental pattern. 'You're no good for me but you're all I need/Can't get enough of your ecstasy.' Like a drug, she is hooked on the touch and feel of her lover, yet knows she shouldn't be. This person is forbidden fruit, the object of her lust and craving. The grand string section shows how captivated she is, and how swept off her feet she's become. Her heart r

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