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Affordable Quality Mastering

Ah, mastering. The final polish that will push your music from high-quality demo to airplay ready. Trouble is, if you're poor but want to do your music justice, a dilemma approaches. Do you go for a semi-decent sound or dip further into the overdraft?

That's when I met Clive Knightley, professional mixing and mastering engineer. I was going to pay forty-quid (ten pounds per track) to have my tracks mastered via LANDR, an online musical software that digitally masters your music. Clive offered to master my four track EP for only sixty quid. Not only was his price wonderfully cheap, he was efficient, friendly and the tracks are perfectly ready to enter the worlds of Spotify and other digital platforms.

Clive offers a free sample master which he can have done the same day. When I asked why his price was so cheap, he responded that if engineers are having to compete with machines then the rate must sadly decline. But why waste time using LANDR when a human can do it better for no…

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