Song Review: Business

Darrah's new track opens with a phone call, before launching into a punky tongue-in-cheek guitar number. 'Business' lends a sound similar to early David Bowie and modern Britpop such as Blur.

His vocal style drawls lazily over the music, comparable to the chilled out delivery of the Gallagher brothers or The Smiths. While not a rich voice, his tone suits the indie-punk style of the track. He gives a restless quality to the music's lyrical delivery, particularly the leading chorus line: 'it's none of my business, nobody asked for my opinion but you'll get it anyway because I'm free.' This carefree attitude is engaging to its listeners and expressed with conviction and blunt honesty.

The guitar delivery is strong, with the harmonic arrangement mixed in well with the synth-pop ambiance, decorating the top of the track. The bass motif woven in at the start and between the verses adds an extra flavour to the track. Though simple, it is an effective pop anthem with a catchy and memorable chorus and relatable lyrics.

Listen to the song here:





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