Song Review: Yesterday

This infectious electronic-pop single by Natalie Shay could make her the next Katy B. Opening with a hypnotic trance style, Shay's voice swirls beautifully over the mix. The melody reminds me of 'The A Team' by Ed Sheeran.

The chorus lyrics 'you would never, stay forever, we will never, be together, there is something I couldn't say, cos I'm still caught on yesterday', are relatable for all who have tried to move on from a relationship and a tough situation: 'What a shame you played me wrong, guess I stayed way too long.'  Despite having had a difficult time, the song is optimistic about moving forward and looking towards a brighter future. The video also highlights this with Natalie looking happy and dancing in the street.

I felt she could have pushed more melodic boundaries within the lead vocals, although the back vocals sound lovely with the added reverb to push the vocal harmonies. Overall this is a simple and commercially viable pop song with a deeply catchy chorus. I look forward to hearing more of the work she puts out as she delves deeper into the UK music scene!

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