Song Review: Never Gonna Let Her Go

'Take me to the holy water, never gonna let her go.' This unexpected vocal intro pulls me into this gorgeous gospel-blues track. I love the holy references embedded within the track and the overall message of soulful unity and love. The guitar melody is very similar to 'Now You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye. I wonder if the track was a deliberate influence on this one or just a happy coincidence!

Katey Brook's hauntingly beautiful voice induces a calmness over the stripped back production. There is enough musical flavour from the laid-back drum beat and keyboard motifs to keep the listener engaged without losing its minimalist charm. Her repetition of the phrase 'God bless my soul' is interesting regarding fundamentalist Christian attitudes to homosexual relationships, and Brook's gentle rejection of this negative attitude towards her sexuality is an optimistic way to approach a historically troubling issue. She has decided to embrace her sexuality by insisting she will never let her love for women go.

Her sound reminds me of Tracy Chapman and KT Tunstall, both of whom are also lesbian singer-songwriters. Sexuality aside; all three encompass raw and emotive vocals with gentle guitar harmonies threaded underneath. The track both starts and ends with gospel harmonization of the leading vocal lyric. A lovely, enchanting song.

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