Video Review: Stand With Me Tonight

Shot in dim lighting, Stand With Me Tonight is a video showing two young people rekindling their love at the prom. The opening is classy and defined, with glamorous heeled women holding suitcases saying 'Cshirock' before synths are lightly introduced.

The vocal reverb works well with the light and dreamy quality of the video. I like that the shots of the main dance floor have a turquoise overlay, contrasting with the coloured shots of the girl and boy in the toilets and main hall. Initially the girl is crying and the boy is wondering if he can get his love back, before they come together on the dance floor. I am reminded of 13 Reasons Why when Clay and Hannah (the two protagonists) danced together at the winter formal.

Cuts are made to the band members and to Cshirock singing on the floor, reminding us that this is a music video, not a movie. The guitar solo brings a nice instrumental break to the vocal melody, with shots of the boy and girl hugging and finding one another again. They look at the pink lit up words 'Stand With Me Tonight', bringing hope and optimism to their broken love. Overall a lovely well-made video relatable for young people that fits this emotive indie-pop ballad.

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