Song Review: Shoulder to Shoulder

This track brings together an unusual contrast of EDM and social consciousness. What stands out is a message of unity against a backdrop of lively club music.

The chorus sounds like a prayer, with the words pouring out: 'In the middle in the middle of the night I cry.' The lyrical content throughout beautifully comments on how we need to stand together in troubled times: 'The blood of my brothers been pouring out, we’re shoulder to shoulder and won’t back down.' In times of socio-political divisiveness it is refreshing to remember that we should all retain basic humanity and empathy.

Such messages in music are more associated with folk or punk as opposed to electronic-pop, so it's nice that Wolves managed to incorporate such positive messages in a genre that often pushes superficial lyrics. Their musical sound takes influence from classic R&B singers like Usher and pop acts like Coldplay. I hope they continue to spread positivity within their music in order to appeal to a commercial audience.

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