Album Review: Master of the Night

Howie G hammers powerful blues-rock guitar licks in this album. His sound can be likened to artists like Living Colour, Cream and Carlos Santana. Rife with beautiful riffs and melodies, this is the perfect album to enjoy at a party or to nod along to in the car.

His guitar skills shine throughout, such as in 'Wiser Man' and 'Little Miss Brandywine' with solos similar to a woman's vocal runs. Rhythmically there is a blend of funk-rock on tracks like 'Anytime' and rock 'n' roll swing on 'Get Down With A Kiss.' A few slower tracks like 'Lullaby' and 'Walking With My Shadow' show the dynamics Howie is able to bring on this album, further highlighting his prowess as a musician and composer.

I particularly like the little breaks he has on tracks like 'Anytime', with the latin-blues sequences on the drums, and the nice build up on 'Mister Meander', with its slow intro that milks his ability to tease the listener with musical space. On 'Haunted Heart' the guitar compliments the vocal melody: 'I've got a haunted heart baby, my heart is in chains.' Backing vocals on tracks like 'Haunted Heart' and 'Lullaby' add soul that sends shivers down the spine. His voice is rich and full especially on 'Master of the Night', the title track.

Overall this is a brilliant album that can be enjoyed by classic rock and blues fans as well as universally.

Listen to the album here:

One of his YouTube covers here:


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