Song Review: Mmmm Hmmm

Valentine's Day may suck a little less with this new single to keep the singles company. 'Mmmm hmm' is the name of this upbeat electronic pop track by the artist of the same name. It's super catchy (like, I can't stop singing it to myself) with a great commercial sound to fans of the genre.

The lyrics are humorous and fun, showing that dating isn't always sweetness and roses and that people can be disappointing: 'So mmm hmm, why you gotta fuck me like that, Mmm hmmm, got my hopes up too fast'. In this day and age of Tinder and Grindr, people can act like they want you and then dump you in a heartbeat: 'Why’d you grind me then block my ass, I swiped right for my love life to crash.' 

I like the image which dominates Mr Mmm Hmm's instagram page with its cheeky playful choice of cartoon and colour. Underneath the carefree overtones this song is pretty sad; getting dumped or rejected always hurts, and no one likes to be played. Interesting that a song about having your heart strung-along gets released on the international day of romance. Love the irony.

Overall a fun, easy-listening song with a simple and memorable chorus that reflects the difficulties of modern dating.

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