Album Review: Born Deaf

Being born deaf hasn't stopped MelZebra from pursuing her music. In this album she mixes electronic dance music, country and Jazz to express songs of all themes. The lyrics are poetic and subtle; themes of love, loss, fear, desire are hidden within metaphors.

'Summer of Love' is my favourite track, with its Stevie Wonder-style horns and electronic-jazz fusion. I like that the songs all cross genres and have good harmonic changes. 'DNA' does this wonderfully, with her soft vocals (reminiscent of Sade or Joss Stone) singing: 'you took my drink from my hand, told me that I just don't understand' before switching to Soca-style electronic drums. 'Find Me', a beautiful song about love and loss, also builds up its percussion and its wonderful orchestration with the choir harmonizing on the chorus.

'Those Never Forgotten', a song 'for those people gone, father mother daughter son' opens with a '20s style Jazz intro, before changing into techno. This clever transition from classic to modern encompasses the passing of time and what's left behind. 'Gettin Thru' is another electronic trance song, contrasting against songs like 'Man Without A Face' and 'Ain't No Done and Dusted' which have a more easy-listening/country-pop vibe.

Her musical skills are shown off in the saxophone and guitar riffs played, such as on 'Only Fools' with its catchy Nirvana/Arctic Monkeys alt-rock sound and the guitar solo on 'He Doesn't Know'. The album rounds off nicely with an acoustic version of 'Ain't No Done And Dusted'. Overall MelZebra has beautifully blended genres and emotive lyrics in this body of work.

Album to be released in February.




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