EP Review: Breaking Out

Fans of Radiohead and Muse will enjoy this conceptual body of work. Running throughout is a middle-eastern melodic vibe that adds a haunting quality, particularly on 'Isolation' and 'Guilty.'

'Breaking Out' opens with soft electronic keys before leaping into unexpected punky guitar riffs. The singer's voice is strong and carries the melody well, particularly with the backing vocals on 'Guilty' which compliment the guitar stabs.

The drum sound on 'Isolation' creates a futuristic atmosphere of extra-terrestrials coming to haunt us. The lyrical content is apocalyptic in its delivery: 'I am the centre of the universe/if this is the end then I'm afraid to lose it all.' Space-rock atmospheric themes are woven throughout, especially in 'Victorious' where you can almost hear techno machines rubbing the production.

'Delirium' is the most upbeat track with an eerie repetition of the word 'delirium' which matches the chaotic mix of guitar and drums. This is also done well on 'Victorious' which chants the title in separate consonants to emphasize the track's message. Both 'Breaking Out' and 'Victorious' play around with dynamics, with the instruments on the latter track toning down as the vocal chorus launches into holy ethereal chants. Overall an eclectic EP that could mark the year 3000.

EP available here via Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/12vlRAiiGFBQABCIz44i20?si=eeQa91UcSa2Tj-ehx1V-Ig

Website: https://www.mkii.mx/

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