Song Review: Want More

This electronic indie-pop track is carried by soulful R&B style vocals that can be compared to The Weeknd, with an overall sound similar to the album 'I like it when you sleep...' by The 1975.

The melodic arrangement of the vocals sticks in the listener's head, coupled with the repeated lyrical hook; 'I know your heart's not as sad as it was before/you've got your finger on the trigger, I know you want more'. This creates a picturesque image of the sadness in the vocals, with the sensation of pulling a gun and the feelings of desolation within that. Its catchy, and driven by a strong harmonic background against reverb in the singer's tone.

The build up of the instrumentation creates good dynamics, with the drums reminiscent of late 80s bands such as The Stone Roses and The Smiths. I like that it starts off soft and then brings in the other instruments, with nice little motifs played in the background. Backing vocals and effects have been layered to create a full sound without being over-produced. The song begins and ends with the same glowing sound of synths, keeping the emotion in the opening and ending. Overall, a memorable song true to its genre.

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