Song Review: Compliments

Damn! 'Compliments' dives straight into an upbeat choppy guitar riff motoring this exciting track. I get a very Paramore/Foo Fighters vibe from this track, with the singer's lovely voice providing nice melodies over the rocky instrumental.

The bassline is strong and matches the groove carried by the song, making it impossible not to jump around. There's a nice pre-chorus break with the drums moving into the toms, a piece of arrangement used in lots of pop-rock songs.

Lyrically this song is as fiery as its instrumental track, with a take-no-bullshit delivery. The chorus drives this; 'You're gonna run out of all the compliments/ Call me a sceptic, but I'm still on the fence.' This is a song about someone sick and tired of being told the same crap by their partner, and not falling for lies and false 'compliments.' It's easy for superficial people to say sweet things in order to earn someone's trust without meaning it, and this track has a very 'nice try, I'm not falling for it' vibe.

I love the cover art and think it matches the song perfectly; the frog is holding a mouldy flower in its mouth, symbolising fake 'love', as flowers and red roses symbolise love but this one is grimy and worn. Overall this is an awesome head-banging track with a strong message.

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