Song Review: Holy Water

Its hard not to nod your head to this song. Holy Water fuses reggae-ska with indie-rock ambience. Melodically and harmonically its similar to 'The Lazy Song' by Bruno Mars, with a style comparable to The Specials.

The upbeat and catchy style makes for an entertaining execution, that can easily be enjoyed at parties or through easy-listening at home. There's a bit of Bob Marley influence in the vocals too. I like the structure with the change of chords in the pre-choruses, and the awesome guitar solo.

Lyrically its pretty catchy, with the main hook being 'every kid is a cowboy' which is repeated in the coda. The rest of the chorus is 'every night I'm your queen/kiss me under the asteroid baby tonight/it's just a part of your dream.' The melody sticks well in the listener's head, matching the chord progression nicely. I like the backing vocals singing 'oohs' in the end, as the song softly fades out and gradually only becomes voice and piano.

This track has been well arranged and produced in a way that brings out its genre and the funky guitar pattern. I see lots of commercial prowess that could make Jack In a Box become a household name if they keep doing their thing.

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