EP Review: Scars and Wishes

Anna-Christina's beautiful voice carries itself over these four contrasting songs. 'Scars and Wishes' and 'Wide Eyes' are forlorn, expressive ballads, whereas 'Dancing' and 'Sunshine' are upbeat and cheerful.

'Scars and Wishes' is melodic and piano driven, with lots of emotive expression in her voice. 'No I don't want to turn in pieces, healing up my scars with wishes' is the main lyrical hook in the chorus, creating metaphors about how what we desire won't necessarily heal us. The bridge in this song brings a pleasant harmonic change of pace; 'move on, look up, into the sky' . 

'Wide Eyes' is also driven by piano, with lots of expression pouring out of the vocals. This song croons sadly of lost love; 'my whole world was you, together us two'  singing sadly of her beloved's eyes peering at her. They say 'eyes are the window to the soul', fitting well with this song. By contrast, 'Dancing' is lively and fun, and reminds me of 'Bulletproof' by La Roux with its catchy lyrical hook 'dancing for you' and the techno beat in the background.

'Sunshine' is another upbeat tune - where 'Scars and Wishes' and 'Wide Eyes' are piano and melody driven, 'Dancing' and 'Sunshine' are rhythmic, sounding like songs you could dance to in a club. The instrumentation matches the lyrical content perfectly in all four songs, and they have been woven well together for this EP.

EP available to purchase here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F6DJ7S7

Website: http://www.annachristina.co.uk/

Crowdfunding project linked here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/theatre-productions/


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