Album Review: Jeunesse Secrete

'Jeunesse' is French for 'young people', and no doubt this album is a nod to the youth of its creator. Cesare Augusto Giorgini has blended electronic ambience with rocky guitar and drum patterns in some of his songs. I love that the songs all flow into one another.

'Jeunesse Secrete' and 'Fireworks!' are some of the rockier tracks, with heavier drums and guitars. 'Have You Seen Me?', 'The City Goes On Without Me', and 'Undress' are more melodic and ambient, with melody played on synths to create a trance-like effect. 'Fireworks' has a fairytale-like vibe with the mix of soft guitar and tapping of the hi-hat. 'Storyteller' opens with background sounds echoing from its prior track 'Undress', but then enters quietly into guitars before building up to a crescendo. It reminds me of 'Spectrum' and 'Dog Days are Over' by Florence and the Machine.

It's interesting to see a mix of genres prevalent in each track with their own unique structure. Lyrically the album is mostly woeful and poetic; 'Jeunesse Secrete' is a song about the sad confusion of youth: 'And I daydream until I am not here/That's what (youth) is to me'. 'Have You Seen Me?' matches the trance-like melody with the words 'lighter/brighter, transparent, I'll glow.' 'Storyteller' is one of my favourite tracks, with its rapturing chorus: 'Yeah you know, that we can save the world.' 'The City Goes on Without Me' is sorrowful, commenting on our desire to leave a mark in the world and fear of being left behind.

Overall this album is musically intriguing and rings with vibrant messages about youth, positivity, and feelings of forlorn.

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