Song Review: Radio Silence

This fun song packs a punch back to 80s glam rock featuring David Bowie and Madonna. A well-produced demo track, 'Radio Silence' is a fierce slam of electronic rock, making you want to get up and dance in a dark club blaring with lights. Its powerful distorted guitar opening involves the glare of cars and sirens, in a similar way to Rihanna's 'Shut Up and Drive.'

John The Hybrid describes his track as exploring themes of isolation and 'feeling the need for excitement in a mundane world.' The chorus lyrics perfectly express this; 'it's not enough for me to sit quietly/I need to run all the time.' A desire to be free runs through, as opposed to being cooped up within. 'Radio Silence' itself is a great metaphor and oxymoron as radios are loud and expressive, the opposite of being silent and quiet. 

The arrangement is chopped into different sections, with the chorus characterized by upbeat 'dancey' drums. Lots of reverb on the vocals gives a nice effect of different voices echoing around, which blends well with the heavy keyboard synths. The bridge creates a nice breakdown section where he sings a lyric from his song 'Falling Free': 'I can't explain why I thought that way.' It changes the pace and harmonic structure of the song before ending on single notes played in a classic pop style. 

Overall a solid, quality song worth the listen. John The Hybrid is currently looking for producers and other songwriters to collaborate with. 

Listen to the song here:




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