Album Review: Parallels

Packed with exciting grooves and catchy vocal melodies, Harry Quinn's 'Parallel's is definitely worth a listen. His voice is soulful and full, and compliments the rhythm guitar strums that match the pop style drums.

My favourite songs are 'Dangerous' and 'Two Lives', both very upbeat feel-good tracks. I love the guitar riff on 'Two Lives', which has a latin vibe to it. 'Dangerous' has an extremely catchy chorus; I saw him perform it live and was blown away by his charisma and stage presence. As well as upbeat songs, he has some slower tracks as well like 'Have and Hold' and 'I don't mind.'

There's a very Olly Murs vibe coming from him, with some Bruno Mars-style arrangement. Very male R&B pop style; easy-listening and fun to dance along to. His lyrics are simple but with emotion; 'let the feeling through' is repeated in 'Nothing's Changed', whilst 'YRUNGMW' (standing for 'Why are you not going my way' according to his Facebook page') is all about feelings of insecurity and longing; 'Now I’m feeling insecure, there was a point but I can’t think no more.' 

Overall this album is a big recommend; the songs are engaging and have lots of commercial prowess, and while the songs all have their own character, his sound is definitive.

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