EP Review: Why do things glow?

Cameron Sanderson's concept EP 'Why do things glow' drops next week. Its electronic pop style mixed with trap beats explores key themes of loss and uncertainty.

'Under the Weather' gives illusions of being trapped under water, with sound effects of taps dripping. Its atmospheric trance style gives a sense of losing control; 'am I losing myself/'I know you feel bad but you're just under the weather'. These feelings of torment come out in 'The Sun', with the repeated lyric of 'the sun don't shine like it used to' coming back to feeling cold and trapped.

'Neck' is the most tender of the tracks, bringing out Cameron's R&B style vocals reminiscent of The Weeknd and Jay Sean. Despite this, it still is very sad; another running theme is the feeling of losing someone who was loved, and feeling apart from them. Dark lyrics and screams at the start of 'Hush' exemplify this; 'can I use ropes, scissors and matches to keep a hold of your adrenalin'; longing to trap the person close.

'German Coffee Shop' seems to have a title unrelated to the song, but the lyrics are still characterized by uncertainty 'you don't know me, I don't know you either'. Its opening gives way to heavy strings, building terror and tension, with a heavy beat drop later that feels chaotic and unhinged. Overall, an intense piece of electronic art mixed with strong emotions about fear, losing yourself and someone dear to you.

Official Video of 'The Sun':

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