EP Review: Settling

Kayleigh Morgan's soon-to-come EP deals with the struggles of mental illness with a cheery instrumental backdrop. Usage of dark and sad lyrics against major chords in an acoustic guitar setting create a nice contrast.

She has a very country-pop style, like old-school Taylor Swift mixed with Joni Mitchell. The lyrical content in 'Break' is dark despite the relaxed tone of the song; 'I'd love to hurt you, to raise the cross, to tie the noose'. When one is going through a depressive period, it's common to feel self-destructive and to lack motivation. This is very prominent in 'Bed'; 'I don't want anything/I just want to stay in bed' which is relatable to all.

'Ghost' is very soft and stripped back with lighter guitar playing, and comes back to feelings of invisibility: 'touch me, I need a little proof that I still exist to you'. 'Settling' also explores themes of feeling lost. 'Saturdays' is more upbeat and cheerful, about hanging out on the weekend with storytelling elements; 'Roll out of bed at 10am, Salami and eggs on toast/Pull the covers up, let's watch TV in bed.' ' Positively Pissed' is humour driven, in which she laughs at her irritable feelings. 'I'm really sick to death of being shat on from high above and being told that I should be happy'. This is a good comment on those telling the mentally ill to just 'cheer up' and 'get over it'.

All in all I love that the songs all fit together in a conceptual pattern, bringing their own voice to the darkness we're faced with inside.

EP is out April 7th.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KayleighMorganMusic

Website: https://www.kayleighmorganmusic.co.uk/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KayleighMorganMusic


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