Song Review: Your Smoke (Live)

'Your Smoke' was recorded live at the University of Brighton's student bar. You wouldn't be able to tell, however, as the quality of the recording is as solid as any studio version.

This is a very feel-good song, with the choice of major chords and the bass playing a solid riff. It mixes pop, rock and some country-rock elements with the choice of guitar strumming pattern and very stripped-back drumming. What sticks in your head is the chorus, with its simple poppy melody and easy-sing-along lyrics: 'your smoke reminds me of a girlfriend/rolling tobacco till the end of the night.'

I like the metaphor of comparing the feeling of smoking to a woman. The lyrics give off a sense of melancholy and nostalgia; 'she uses an ashtray whenever she cries', despite the upbeat and cheery musical layers. This isn't dissimilar to songs like 'Hey Ya' by Outcast or 'Some Nights' by FUN, who use forlorn lyrics with lively musical patterns. SWAY's style is definitely reminiscent of The Arctic Monkeys with a bit of Smash Mouth and Oasis.

The middle 8 breaks down the drums, including a guitar solo over the vocals and hammering the chorus home. Overall an enjoyable song with a catchy chorus that is wholeheartedly exciting and great live; I do re-call the song from seeing it at one of their live performances. However, for airplay and radio I would advise cutting the song down to 4 minutes; perhaps without the extended chorus at the end.

Listen to the song here:




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