EP Review: The Autumn Sessions

Sounds of Autumn sprinkle through these two songs. Soft patters on the pitched percussion in the background give illusions of a rainforest. The guitar is soft and simple yet very precise, with some reverb for a light touch. Siobhan's beautiful vocals are strong and high-pitched, complimenting the music well.

Both songs have a melancholic kiss: 'Catch me if you can cos I'm running away, running away from rejection' is a stand-out line from 'Rejection.' It's always sad to want someone who doesn't want you back; boy can I relate to that. She has kept the instrumentation delicate so it carries the vocal melodies smoothly without overriding them. The percussion sounds like it's being played with raw materials as opposed to drums, which gives it a realistic effect and emphasizes that nature-like feel.

I like that the bass and guitar pattern in 'I'm not scared' follow each other. This song starts off slow but increases in rhythmic patterns, becoming more frantic at the bridge. Follows the lyrics well: 'My blood runs dry/ No sign of us, no sign of you.'  There's definitely a lot of emphasis on the drum patterns without deviating from the genre and making the drums heavy or rocky. Although Siobhan is self-described as an alt-rock artist, this EP definitely has a more soft pop/folk vibe, with some ambient and gentle electronic elements. It has a lovely sound she'll hopefully continue to explore.

Listen here: https://siobhanmazzei.bandcamp.com/album/the-autumn-sessions

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/siobhanmazzei/

Website: https://siobhanmazzei.wordpress.com/


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