Song Review: Dancing in the Sky

'Dancing in the Sky's' spooky opening builds tension in a similar way to 'Insomnia' by Faithless. The listener is unsure what to expect as the string section fades in and out. Its heavy production and dark sounds remind me of Han Zimmer's 'Time' from Inception.

Serena's beautiful vocals emerge light and ghost like, adding another layer on top of this intriguing song. Drum patterns drop in, complimenting the rich harmonies emitted from the instrumental tracks. She lets her vocals rise and fall between the music, giving the song space to breathe and captivate its listeners.

Her lyrics are intimate and full of sad longing; 'do you ever think of me when you're all alone at night/I'm falling for the first time.' She calls to her lover with feelings of loss and need, questioning. There isn't exactly a chorus, although the line 'are we dancing in the sky, oh tell me why' is repeated. Halfway through the song takes a different and even darker route, with eerie ghost-like sounds in the background and heavy reverb on the instrumentation. Her vocal swims with this; 'it gets louder.' The drum beat drops back on its bass as well, moving away from the earlier softer vocals before returning to them in the coda.

This is one of the most interesting songs I've heard with a rich electronic sound and hypnotic vocals.

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  1. Miss Deena is an exceptional artist, & it's with a sense of pride that I declare, that I found her first, duggie kyle,
    I am her best friend & mentor, d


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