EP Review: In Wolf's Clothing

Siobhan Mazzei's haunting vocals spread themselves across this EP, in a sound likened to Florence and the Machine and KT Tunstall. Her soft alt-rock style suits the desolate tone of the songs, with their forlorn lyrics of a lost woman.

She mixes guitar styles to create a range of musical sounds, from country-blues strums in 'Hurts You More' to finger-picking in 'Untitled.' This EP contrasts with 'The Autumn Sessions' as it has a stronger guitar style and sounds quite stripped back in terms of the production. There are more classic alt-rock elements, such as the simple drum beat and linear basslines.

Lyrically, this EP weaves magic. Each song is like a poem, blossomed with evocative vocals. 'Ghost in a shell' rings of feelings of being trapped and invisible. 'I'm just a ghost in a shell and I'm not feeling quite well'. 'Untitled' uses metaphors to describe feelings of being betrayed by a possible parental figure. 'Tears open my lungs/breaking through the waters where I see clear'. A recording is halfway through the song of a yelling man demanding 'respect I'm entitled to', further bringing out the discomfort experienced.

There's more internal conflict in 'Stone', which plays on the traditional rhyme: 'stick and stones can build our home, or be used to break our bones'. So much raw emotion fills this EP; wolves are tough creatures, and being in a 'wolf's clothing' symbolizes hiding behind a tough exterior, yet the vulnerability is hidden inside.

Siobhan has been touring in Germany this weekend. May she spread her beautiful music as far as she can.

Listen to the EP here: https://siobhanmazzei.bandcamp.com/album/in-wolfs-clothing

Review of her other EP: http://www.zaridoesmusic.co.uk/2018/02/ep-review-autumn-sessions.html


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