Song Review: Sloane Square

'Sloane Square' is a beautiful and simple song filled with longing. Its intriguing electronic opening draws the listener in before settling into lovely R&B style vocal harmonies, reminiscent of Mariah Carey and the Sugababes.

The lyrical arrangement croons feelings of going on an emotional journey looking out for a person; 'home is where the heart is/my heart was home with you'. Sloane Square is an area in central London, and place can often remind us of a person we care deeply for. Her opening line is 'Sloane Square will always remind me of you/the night you met me after you grabbed some food.' Meeting a significant person in a distinct place always strikes an emotional chord, and can be heard in famous pop songs such as Duffy's 'Warwick Avenue' and Adele's 'Hometown Glory.'

Halfway through the song it changes its beat, dipping from a standard pop rhythm into a more R&B based drum beat. The soft musical arrangement and use of drums, keys and vocals gives the song a very light feeling, and really brings out the stunning vocals. She also brings reverb in the vocals later on, as well as a mix of background vocals that give an effect of lots of people being out in a busy area. They further bring out that emotive sound of being overwhelmed surrounded by people in a known place. Overall a lovely mellow song of which style may well earn Zabel a place among contemporary female pop singers.

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