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Djinn Cover's debut EP is soulful, sweet and sensual. The sounds of blues artists from Sarah Vaughan to Muddy Waters run through. My favourite is 'From another time'; a forlorn comment on a far-away genre. 'Scotch and women tend to bring me down/This is 2017 and the blues is from another time.' Picture a man in 1930s New Orleans smoking and drinking whiskey in a bar with a couple of pretty ladies by his side.

The music is stripped back with minimal production. 'Listen' remains soft despite being the song's electronic version. This tightens the message of blues music being very toned down and focused on voice, guitar and a light rhythm section. 'Who you want me to be' is about being yourself, especially in light of Brexit and our divided political climate. 'There's always something to learn from one another.' 

A message about returning to a simpler time is key, in the arrangement and lyrics. 'Pack my suitcase, shut down my facebook/tinder account; all this technology just ain't for me'. Simplicity and rawness is prevalent even in the last track 'First Time', the most intimate of all. He sings about his first love; that moment of primary physical intimacy with a girl. 'You could probably say he wrote every chord for me.' Paints the vulnerability of taking those first steps, and being in a smaller and less superficial world.

This is a wonderful piece of art about returning to simpler times, when life seemed sweeter and less complicated.

He has just released his new video, watch it here:

Listen to the EP here: https://djinn.bandcamp.com/releases


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