Song Review: The Roots in the Wires

Brighton-based band Night House released a bewitching single about the refugee crisis. Its spooky, gothic overtone employs the sad message: 'one boy drowned on TV a thousand miles away/and who knows which way it goes.' Every day on the news we are hearing about crises from countries miles away. They're brought to our doorstep.

'But the roots in the wires will grow/like babies afar from home.' Ellie's beautiful vocals on the chorus imply that the seeds have already been sewn. 'Roots' mean the beginning, the origin, the starting point. Wires pass information - they connect parts to one another. Babies are fresh, and new, and can bloom into something bolder.

The whole song sounds very dreamy and surreal. Ghost-like backing vocals create a feeling of mist in the background, coupled with the arabic-sounding guitar pattern. It's a song about another world, bringing us back to the message of poor children in poverty miles away. 'Time has no place to go/drifting on a dream.' In a far away land, time seems spread out, defying the laws of physics.'Bring back the olive tree to the western sea.' In times of crisis, the West tends to help out poorer countries. Our worlds become intertwined, bound by a desire to help one another.

This is an enchanting, eerie song with lovely melodies and clever metaphors.

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