Album Review: Authentic

What does it mean to be 'authentic'? Perhaps Nick Tann's latest album will answer this. His beautiful, rich voice choruses over a range of guitar styles and honest lyrics. He takes the listener across folk, jazz, soul, country, blues; even middle-eastern/arabic vibes. Each song speaks its own language.

He sings about embracing one's own company in 'Looking after myself.' 'Sometimes I go and catch a movie/I have been known to dine alone.' It's refreshing to hear that in a song; there's no shame in flying solo. In Nick's words; 'with all the friends gathered round me, I got lots to do.'  '3AM's melancholic melodies contrast with this song; 'streets are cold, I'm so alone/got nothing but my soul and some dignity'. I guess we can enjoy our own company, but as social creatures we do need each other.

Nonetheless, freedom is a running theme in this album. 'Boy it feels good to be free' exhibits this; 'I stopped believing long ago', yet he sings for Jesus to take care of those who still believe; his mother and friends. Slides on the guitar in a Hawaiian style punctuate this, coupled with Christmas-like triangle jingles. This contrasts with the very jazzy, smooth and woeful style of 'Sadder than Sad', with its bending notes and Nina Simone-esque soul.

Every song on this album has been woven beautifully; it's very hard to pick a favourite. One of the loveliest moments is his siren-like sustained falsetto on the end of 'Safe Harbour.' No need to wait for the release ladies and gents; the album is out now and is wonderfully worth the listen.

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  1. Thanks Zari, it's nice to read that someone gets what I am singing about.


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