Song Review: Fire

Ed Sheeran meets The Killers in this passionate new track. The beginning is soft; just vocals and acoustic guitar. The pace picks up as we're led to a racing chorus. 'Our love is just like a fire/our love has lost its desire.' I see crowds waving their lights to this tune at a concert.

The song is typical of the ever-popular pop-rock genre, headlined by the likes of Green Day, U2 and Coldplay. Coax will be sure to earn their place among them if they keep this up. A quickened pace of the guitar and drums is reminiscent of the intensity of fire. How it is lit and then rises up; an orange inferno.

Love is fierce and powerful, like fire. It comes in and then fades away, and the music and lyrics together express this brilliantly: 'I wanna watch it burn.' The ending is particularly poignant, as it returns to the acoustic beginning and ends on the line 'maybe we should talk, again I might want my way'. The fire came, it fanned its flames, and now its gone. Like the person's love; it burnt with flavour but then disintegrated into dust.

This song will be stuck in my head for ages. Watch out Jools Holland; you may have found new lads for your show.

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Fire has already received airplay on BBC and ITV. Full track is out on the 22nd of January.


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