Artist Review: False Flags

False Flag's bio instantly makes me laugh. Their lead guitarist 'started out working a number factory trying to think up cool new numbers between six and seven.' As it happened, that job didn't work out so this four-piece rock band from Gloucestershire was born. They're branded with cool nicknames -  Danno, Horseman, Bassface and Chainsaw, matching their edgy sound.

'Shadow and Noise' is the main video on their home page. Coupled with arty visuals and growly vocals, its a hard-hitting song about depression, from the perspective of the black dog itself. 'I am the reflection of all you fear the most.' The contrast between dry satire and the seriousness of the topic makes for a wonderfully punchy song and video, sharpened by drum and guitar stabs. 'Hahaha, I will make you fucking crawl.' I like that the cartoons of the ghost laughing at the poor person makes the song more sinister.

Live videos on their site further show off their style. I love the licks matched between the bass and guitar on 'Hurricane Road.'  Their sound is definitely hard-rock with punk elements, matching their image with black clothing and spiky hair cuts. Great artists need consistency in terms of their image, and False Flags have achieved this with their look, sound and the black and red patterns on their site. Overall a fierce band filled with energy that definitely have a niche in their genre along with greats like Metallica and Guns N Roses.

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