Song Review: Cold Love

Ambient synths followed by gentle guitar picking introduce this sweet song. Molly McKinna's voice is soft and husky. Her first line is confessional: 'You know me well do you know what I'm thinking.' She is calling her lover to listen to her and see the sorrow she feels.

She desires him but is pushed away. The sad and gentle vocals contrast slightly with the bluntness of the lyrics. 'I'm never wrong and I'm never right/I give you my love, but you treat me so cold.' This could have been delivered sarcastically or flippantly, but instead she keeps it melancholy and dejected. This perfectly captures the raw emotion and the overall feel of the song. Rather than being angry, she wishes things were different. Part of her blames herself, feeling that there's nothing she can do. No matter how much she tries, he is distant and unavailable.

The song is stripped back with minimal production. A soft bass drum keeps the song grounded, but  it's mostly guitar, synths, bass and vocals. This maintains the gentleness of the song while giving it some backbone. It works well fully produced, and would sound equally lovely with just guitar and voice.

Molly has expressed the pain of being unheard in a relationship. This song has been well arranged and every note reeks of heartache and longing.

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