EP Review: Foreverlution

Elena Ramona's new EP boasts a strong commercial sound perfect for electronic pop lovers. Her beautiful voice carries itself over punchy produced synths complete with empowering lyrics.

'Indestructable Me' describes not giving up and moving forward, repeating the line 'finally in love with the girl in the mirror'; deeply prevalent in an age of rising mental illness. (Ramona discusses her struggles with anxiety in an interview linked below.) Her song 'The Neon Lights' is also about anxiety, and Forevolution features a wonderful alternate version to the already released single. It is more stripped back with the verses mainly being piano and voice before entering a chorus that makes you want to wave a light.

'Electric Love' is my favourite track, a song I have reviewed previously. It is so catchy I often find myself randomly singing it. It is very much a pop summer anthem and fits nicely into the rest of the EP. I felt 'Forevolution' should have been the opening song on the EP, as the title track. The lyrics: 'My setbacks won't define me, they will remind me I held on, I stayed true' showcase Ramona's determination as an artist, with the song punctuating her entrance within the music industry.

'My World', the opening track, has great lyrics and experiments with different sounds, although I felt the change in the chorus detracted a little from the main verses and perhaps less reverb could have been put on her vocals. However, the EP fully reflects its genre and speaks truly about not giving up and loving yourself.

Listen to the EP here: https://open.spotify.com/album/437fXYF7kDEAmUZJUhq7Vc?si=I0wf7d9zToyrkpBBLj5k1g

Article featuring her: https://www.isingmag.com/elena-ramona-why-i-wrote-a-pop-song-about-anxiety/

Website: https://elenaramonamusic.wixsite.com/website

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elenaramonamusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elenaramonaofficial/

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