Video Review: The Neon Lights

Luminous colours against a backdrop of blue. Flashes of light against the darkness. The first line is: 'we walk together, our colour outside the line.' A song raising awareness for mental illness. The neon lights represent us shining together no matter how gloomy things seem.

United we stand, divided we fall. We need each other's support. 'Not backing down/won't lose our fire.' As long as we don't back down and give in, we'll stay strong. 'Carve your name inside the shadow.' A part of us will always be here. When we die, we leave behind memories. Although at times we feel alone, there's always someone who loves us.

The song has a catchy dance-electronic theme. I can imagine this song playing in a club, with bright flashing lights everywhere. Beautiful. Humans together as one, enjoying a fun and uplifting song.

Elena Ramona (the creative mind behind this) filmed, edited and produced the video herself. Very impressive. There are people dancing in the background splattered with vivid colour. She has speckles of paint on herself too. I would have liked to see more variety of patterns against the dark to really bring out that contrast. However the video stands solid as it is.

A line from the chorus is 'like a firefly/the stars are glowing, showing neon lights.' Brings together the radiant positive message of the song and video.

Link to Elena's Facebook page:

Watch the video below!


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