EP Review: Into The Real World

Fresh, fun and full of energy, Jamie Felton’s new EP is irresistible. His five tracks take me on an exciting journey. Packed with passion, humour and Casanova-like charm, he’ll warm you up this Winter.

My favourites are ‘Grab my hips and sway ;)’ (better not forget that cheeky face), and ‘Always think twice.’ They’re upbeat songs with R&B grooves. His soulful voice powers over meticulous arrangement. Forget the tasteless tunes about nothing saturating the charts. Jamie’s EP uses a range of instrumentation without being over-produced.

He blends cheeky lyrics with R&B, pop, latin and rock rhythms. ‘The New Girl in School’ is a real laugh, with a teasing reference to his ginormous p...aragraph. Unexpected French twang on that one. I like that he comments on women in an honest style. No ‘bitches and hoes’ for this dude; seeing her ‘in her brand new bikini’ is good enough.

It’s interesting for him to sing about girls just wanting him for sex but him wanting more in ‘Till the stars don’t shine.’ This is unusual with pop songs often doing the opposite. He croons a male desire for romance as opposed to purely lust. The sexual nature of women comes through in his songs: ‘she got spice, an edge, an ego I admire/no doubt she’s the hottest girl in town.’

Lots of love and thought has gone into these songs. It’s a powerful, well-rounded EP that is deffo worth the listen.

Link to his website: http://www.jamiefeltonmusic.com/


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