Video Review: Hello Tango

KICK KICK KICK KICK. Hello Tango opens with a bass drum and sick guitar intro. Clips flash between the musicians and attractive dancing lady. It’s a well-orchestrated video with colourful flashing red lights and black and white shots.

There’s a 70s punk vibe going on, with The Garage Flowers looking very Sex Pistols meets the Arctic Monkeys. They look great together, having a fun time playing their instruments. It’s clear to see they’re a solid band who enjoys making music.

Their lyrics use rhymes and alliteration, keeping them short and snappy. ‘Job seeker/rough sleeper’, ‘tax dodgers/bank robbers,’ ‘shopflifter/shapeshifter.’ The song seems to be about young people trying to find work and make a living in this world: ‘hello tango/take a look at my career’, ‘save my from myself.’ Definitely evokes the worries of young people uncertain about our futures. Trying to find work, pay off our enormous student loans and wondering what to do with our lives in this economy.

There’s a good mix of close ups on their faces and on the guitars. Contrasts with long-shots of the boys in the band. The woman dancing is very 80s Rick Astley videos, looking hot without being over-sexualised and detracting from the overall song. There are also shots of the lads sitting on the street, evoking the urban youth image. 

Overall an upbeat punk-rock song that screeches the anthem of the concerned youth in the same way Smells like Teen Spirit once did. 

Watch the video here:


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