Guitar Tuning Struggles

Don’t you wish your guitar never went out of tune? Imagine if they could invent a guitar and bass guitar that never lost its tuning. You wouldn’t have to fork out for tuners, press on keyboard keys checking they were in sync, or stand around twisting the knobs and listening for the pitch. It would stay in tune, no problem.

I don’t have the best ears. Some people are blessed with perfect pitch; they can hear when an e string sounds flat or an a string sounds sharp. I can tell when a guitar is out of tune, but I’m rubbish at tuning by ear. I do envy the folks that can tell right away.

Standing on a stage in between songs, you see the guitarists pausing to check their tuning. Man, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to? No more time spent turning down the volume and twisting the knobs, making sure all was well. Forget iPhones; Apple could make a fortune creating guitars that forever stayed in tune. Ah, a girl can only dream.


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