Live Review: State of Euphoria

Its wonderful to see a band who are having a great time performing. Filled with charisma and strong energy, State of Euphoria blasted the stage. These three powerful musicians oozed talent under one unit. The bassist was jumping and grooving around, subverting the typical 'cool dude' standing-still bass player look. He and the drummer kept the rhythm section solid, and he and the singer also moved in sync, cementing a unified feel.

Cheeky band humour among the members and at the crowd made for feel-good relaxed vibes. Their infectious energy and stage banter put smiles on my face. I loved 'Simona', a song which involved some scatting noises from the vocalist and had a nice melody to it. The songs had great dynamics, mixing smooth ballady sections with fierce heavy cymbal crashes.

At times I felt the drums were slightly too loud for the venue's size; at a larger venue the volume would have been optimum. Unfortunately the microphone's sound hadn't been mixed well - all the bands had the same problem of the vocalists sounding too quiet or trebly. One can only blame the sound engineer.

But that aside, these three lads brought a sense of excitement and charm with them. The lead singer rocked out guitar riffs that intertwined perfectly with the bassist. Experiencing the zest that radiated from their funk-rock grooves made for a thrilling time; would definitely see them again.

A clip I filmed:





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